Gelardina Prodani

Secretary General

Mrs. Gelardina Prodani holds a Master’s Degree in European Economic Studies from the University of Tirana and Bamberg University, and she also received a Master’s Degree in Political Economy from the Williams College, MA, USA, one of the best American colleges for Liberal Arts in the last 15 years. Mrs. Prodani is in process of completing her PhD studies “Political Economy”.

Since 2012 she is the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Budgeting in the Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning (PEMPAL) network which consists of budget directors from 22 countries in the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia coordinated by the World Bank, the Swiss Government, OECD, GIZ and the Russian Federation.

In the period 2005 – 2013 Mrs. Prodani has been the Director of Management and Monitoring Budget / General Directorate of Budget in the Ministry of Finance.
She worked as Assistant Professor in Bachelor degree level in the Faculty of Economics, at the University of Tirana (1998-2009). In the meanwhile she is a Master’s Degree lecturer at the European University of Tirana. After 15 years experience in the ministry, in October 2013, Mrs. Prodani is appointed as Secretary General in the Ministry of Finance.